Shoreham Estate Premium (3x Pk)



Shoreham Estate Pinot Gris
From our Shoreham block, this pinot gris has soft floral pear and honeysuckle fragrances compliment with a balanced palate of white nectarine, apple and lime with a crisp acidity finish.

Shoreham Estate Rose
From our Shoreham block, this light and refreshing pinot rose has a bouquet of ripe strawberries and rose petal aromas, balanced in perfect harmony with hints of pears and fresh strawberry flavours, giving it a soft and luscious texture leading to a clean dry finish.

Shoreham Estate Pinot Noir
From our Shoreham block, this medium body pinot noir is balanced with flavours of dark fruits and blackberry lifted by intense fragrances of violet, cherry and black plum, enriched by silky tannins and spicy French oak